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WinZip is the world's most popular Windows Zip utility for file compression, file sharing, file encryption, and data backup. An easy-to-use file compression utility that offers a comprehensive and innovative feature set to help you save time, save space and improve productivity.

You can compress files instantly to save storage space, send emails faster, and reduce file upload/download times. Zip documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations, you name it! You can quickly compress and decompress files to save storage space, speed up e-mail transfers, and reduce download times.


Features of WinZip Pro 26

- Compress files to save space and reduce transfer time.

- Extract all major file formats.

- Compress JPEG image files by 20 to 25% without loss of image quality or data integrity.

- Split Zip files to make large Zip files fit removable media.

- Zip files to reduce email attachment size.

- Protect files with bank-grade encryption.

- Access and manage files on your PC, network, and cloud.

- Take advantage of hardware support in some Intel-based computers for even faster AES encryption.

- Schedule jobs to run automatically and unattended.

- Prevent data loss with automatic data backup facility.

- Email, FTP, or burn Zip files with Job Wizard.

- Burn backups to CD or DVD and automatically split them into multiple discs, if needed.

- Upload your backups to an off-site server using WinZip's internal FTP client.

- Connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and moreā€¦

- WinZip 2021 Version

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